New Bespoke Post Collections for November + Coupon

Bespoke Post is offering two new boxes for November – the Slate Box and the Brim Box. These boxes are in addition to the six other boxes currently available.

Bespoke Post Slate Box

  • Natural Slate Serving Board, 10″x14″, Brooklyn Slate
  • Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 oz, Old Town Oil
  • Barrel-Aged 18-yr Style Balsamic Vinegar, 5 oz, Old Town Oil
  • Choice of:  Sopressata Salami, 5.5 oz Creminelli OR Spicy Pickled Green Beans, 16 oz,Pernicious Pickling Co.
  • Bourbon Brittle, Buffalo Trace
  • Garlic Dill Mustard, Mustard and Co.
  • #22 Bourbon Toothpicks, Daneson

All you’ve got to supply is the appetite. Note that you can choose to get the Salami or the Pickles as a Bespoke Post Box Add-On

Bespoke Post Brim

  • Melton Wool Cap, Quintin Co
  • Mason Jar Mugs, Set of 2, Gotham Textile
  • Spicy Hot Chocolate, Marie Belle

You have your choice of one of five colors in this box.

This month I chose the Slate box with salami, added on pickled green beans, and Jo Jo’s Sriracha.

See all the  or visit Bespoke Post to find out more about this box. Every month you can choose to get your selection, pick a different box, or skip.  Use coupon code RESCUE to save 30% on your first box.

The SubscriptionBespoke Post
The Description: Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, you’ll get to choose from one of the limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a central, unique theme.
The Price: $45 per month.

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