A Few Changes + New Men’s Subscription Box Reviews

A note from Brandy: We’ve been working hard at my site, and we are working to make it a gender-neutral place for all our subscription box reviews. To that end, new reviews of men’s subscription boxes are going up on my site (new name!) Hello Subscription. Recently he has posted:

Tom continues to write reviews of other subscription boxes (especially food, coffee, and wine) and you can find all of his subscription box reviews here. While we have continued to put up a few reviews on this site, over the next few months we’ll be moving them over to the main site and eventually redirecting this site and the individual reviews once we move them. I’ll be making a men’s homepage so you can access everything that you’d be interested in all on one page (though right now, the page with all of Tom’s reviews is pretty close!).

As we’ve always mainly posted reviews of man-friendly boxes like geek & gamer & nerd subscription boxes over at my site, we think you’ll find it more useful to have everything in one place.  The men’s subscription box list has the added benefit of being much more up to date than the one here is. The coupons are very much more up to date.

Thanks, and if you have any specific requests, we are always open to them (but especially right now before we get to work building our new features!).

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