Button Up A Month Review – Men’s Shirt Subscription Box


Button Up A Month is a new men’s shirt subscription service. You add shirts to your queue and they’ll ship them out to you Netflix-style (no need to return). I received a couple shirts for the purposes of reviewing this service.

Each month you’ll receive the shirt at the top of your list. You’re only charged for shirts sent and if there are none in your queue, no shirt!


I added a few to my queue and was sent the shirts at the top of my list. They’re 100% cotton and $16.99 each.  There are a variety of colors and styles (I didn’t realize I’d get the top ones on the list so I didn’t try to get different ones). They’re fair quality with single stitching. I really liked that the tails were long. Each shirt arrived packed up like a shirt normally would be (on a card, wrapped in plastic) inside a poly mailer.IMG_8729

This subscription would be great for a man who needs to expand his shirt wardrobe inexpensively, a little at a time.

Visit Button Up A Month to find out more or to subscribe.


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