Bespoke Post – New Boxes for August + Coupons

 Bespoke Post has an awesome new deal this month – For every $50 of items that you add onto your club shipment, get $10 off.  I decided to get both boxes, plus a bottle of ketchup for my wife (she loves artisan ketchup). You can also check out all my Bespoke Post Reviews but the great thing about this box is that you can check out what’s in it first, skip it if you don’t want it or choose another box entirely.  Don’t forget to use coupon code REJECTED to save 30% on your first box.


The Covered Box – Includes Garment Bag, Black, 46″L x 23″W, Blue Claw Co. + Bespoke Post, Magnetic Collar Power Stays, 1 pair 2.5″, Würkin Stiffs, & Clothes Brush

The Lumberjack Box – Includes Naturalist, Curved Hatchet, 18″, Hardcore HammersLeather Sheath, Gotham Textiles, Gun Oil, 1oz, Remington.


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